Long Lost Island

Die Märchen-Maschine, Pandora’s Plots, oder TeamTales.
7777 Stories, out of the box.

Die Test-AutorInnen Johanna, Caesare, Kirsty und Simone
haben mit der PP-Mini diese Kurzgeschichte entworfen.
Mitschrift (Firsttake!) Michael H.


There ist a Theme Park on a small island, surrounded by blue water.
The air is humid. There are just a few people, maybe 30 or 40. The Music is quite loud.  It’s somehow weird, but the music is welcoming. There is this kid that is somehow confused and has the feeling that something is eary, not quite right. The sun is about to go down. The place is alled. Welcome to the Long Lost Island.

In Long Lost Island here we have Madame Georgia, who has been living here for more then 50 years. She works here since she was a young woman. There has not been many clients that day. That gave her time to contemplate over her life of what is to come and what happened in the past.
She looks at her stuff (trinkets, small objects). All the items have power and energy.
Suddenly she stumbles over a peace trinket that she got from a craftsman who was repairing the rollercoasters. Well, he only took her virginity and gave her the trinket.

While she is contemplating her lost love and virginity there is a russtle at her window.
There is a hush, some breeze out ther. Something is happening. The sky is getting darker.
She looks out of the window and says: „This is weird.“ She heres woosh sounds and there is an owl. Madame Georgia freezes. Everything comes together. She remembers an old document from her grandmother that says: „If ever the sun shell turn purple than the wings of the owl will bring bad news…“
The owl flies in, grabs the trinket and flies out.

Madame wants to get her trinket back, because this is the only thing she has from her
old memory and actually, true love. She wants to find the owl.
She remembers the other thing that her grandmother gave her. A Encylopedia! And she looks up: how to catch an owl. It is a magic Encylepedia.
She starts reading the words and needs to say what she wants back in her life. (She is not
a practical woman, so instead of saying, give me the trinked, or even, the man back) she says: give me the owl back. Show opens her hands in faith that the owl comes back.

As she has her hands out, all of a sudden the owl comes back. With blinking eyes, it drops
a piece of chocolate that might have been eaten. The chocolate falls in her hands and
Madame Georgia says: „But what about my amulet?“
The owl blinks and stares back blinking. It communicates with the lady via Morse. It says: He is in fact the owl. The chocolate is a piece of memory! It’s from the guy who stole her virginity.

She sits their with the chocolate melting in her hand. The wind outside is getting
stronger. The owl morses: „Enjoy it and let it not melt! … Won’t you enjoy the choclate now!“ The owl pokes her, it really wants to get the lady to eat the chocolate.
Finaly the owl stares at her with mighty eyes and Madame Georgia finally swallows it.
And she drops dead.
The chochlate is to unite her with her old lover who is dead. They meet each other in the
next live.

Madame Georgia eats the chocholate, and in an instant the world goes blank. She is not
sure if she is dreaming or feeling or in whatever floating presence she is. Slowly she
starts to remember the moments of the past few events. She remembers that the owl would bring misery and dispare. Slowly the fog settles. The more the world appears, she feels like she is again at Long Lost island. She heares a childs laughter in the background. She floats around and sees a figure in the background. It is very familiar.
He turns around. It is her long lost love. They look at each other.

And he turns around and leaves. He disapears in the distance, but in the place where he stood she finds: the necklace.